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It’s that time of the year…


Get your best ‘tocks up this month.


Hoppy Birthday Derbs!

‘Tocktober pics for our pal Derby’s Birthday. We hope it’s a great one!

Dual bunneh ‘tocks

Diva ‘tocks

Aspen, Uncle Mark, niece and nephew ‘tocks

and one last bunneh ‘tock… with an added flop!

‘Tocktober is almost over…

Don’t forget to get at least one bum up this month!


Foodie Friday with a side of ‘tocks

It’s squash time!!!


and, of course, some ‘tocks in the sunshine

Watching and waiting

Monday Tock’day

If you’ve got it… flaunt it! I’m sure my spotty pals would agree.

Bun Bum

Foodie Friday & ‘Tocktober

Some Diva ‘tocks

Gonna bread and butter this

Roasted tomato sauce

Red Bell Peppers
Red Wine
Red Pepper Flakes
Salt and Pepper
Herbs (I used oregano this time)

Roasted tomato sauce

Toss everything, except the wine, into a roasting pan and lightly coat with some olive oil. Season with red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to your taste. Roast at 450 for 45 min or so. As this roasts, the tomatoes will release a lot of liquid. Use a turkey baster to pull out all of the liquid from the roasting pan every 10 min or so and save it. If you do not pull out the liquid you will not get that yummy caramelization .

 Roasted tomato sauce

Once the veggies have roasted, take half of the them and finely chopped them. Toss them into a pot, add in the tomato liquid and wine until you have the sauce consistency that you like. Enjoy.

Roasted tomato sauce rigatoni

Meezer Bun Rules

Normally the Meezer Bun DOES NOT allow humans to hold and snuggle her… however, this week’s Meezer Bun Rule shows there is one exception to this  (I will still disapprove during snuggling).

Only Robertas walking for the boobies and The Food Lady can hold and snuggle the Meezer Bun.

Fiona & Roberta

Oh… and Meezer Buns have fabulous ‘tocks.

The End

Monday Bun-tocks Day

Yes – more of that cute Lando Bun Bum

Done with my rubs - Off to torment the cat!

Saturday Sky & ‘Tocktober

Bodega Bay Sky

Bodega Bay

and some bun ‘tocks for ‘Tocktober



That’s right! It’s Tock-tober.  Get those bum pictures up!

Today’s spotty bun bum

Bun Bum