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Meezer Bun

Ennui, I have it…

…and not enough cranberries.


Meezer Colors Day

Normally my meezer color is always GREEN – but this year…

I choose PINK! I picked PINK since so many of my friends are walking for the boobies again this year. This is me chillaxin’ with The Food Lady. She walked with DKM, Jeter’s mum, The Woman and Auntie Joette last year at the San Francisco Komen 3 day walk in San Francisco.

Thanks to the meezers at Cat Crossing for letting this meezer bun participate!


Easy like Sunday morning


Meezer Bun Rules

Dear Millie’s Mum,

This is the proper way to eat basil!

~ Fiona Bun


Bunneh Snoozin’ Zone

Meezer Bun Color Day

I, of course, have selected GREEN again.  It really is my best color.

Meezer Bun Rule

Only Dianas – on their birthday – may beep the meezer bun nose… and may beep it only once!

And you’ll notice Potentially Nervous – we have one wee little piece of apple wood left.

When I look this cute…

…I better be getting a treat!

Meezer Bun Rules

When the Meezer Bun wants oat hay rather than that bland old timothy hay – she gets it!

Monday Bunday Birthday

Yesterday was my little Fiona’s 6th birthday. Bananas for all!