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Day Three – A Groovin’ Monday Bunday!

On Day Three we were exhausted – but the Oakland Fire Department kept us hoppin’!

Also – the San Jose Police Force kept us protected until the very end!


Day Two – Adjustment

On the evening of day two, we hopped over to the medical tent. Joette was dumping ice on her knees (not sure why – it was already very cold out), so DKM took me in to have a quick check-up.

Everyone in the medical tent was super nice and I got the all clear to wrap up the walk on day three.

Day Two – Nutrition & First Aid

One of the first things DKM taught me was to take care of my paws. She changed socks and we checked for blisters every 7 miles. Happily neither of us got blisters!

See Chey – I’m nommed my carrots to keep up my strength. We had a lovely rest for lunch in Mill Valley – then after lunch we headed back to the Golden Gate Bridge. DKM said the best part of the day were the Girl Scout Cookies at Pit Stop #4!

Day Two – off into the fog

On day two of the walk we headed into the fog on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Day One – Hydration, balance and sleep

While we were walking Day One we had to make sure we kept hydrated and our electrolytes in balance. DKM said Gatorade & Vitamin Water were not for bunnies, but I did get to nom a sun chip for sodium and banana for potassium.

And after 20 miles we made it to the Golden Gate Bridge and the notorious San Francisco fog. We ate, we laughed & cried at the camp show and then we passed out.

Day One – The Pacific Ocean

Just over halfway through Day One we finally made it to the Pacific Ocean! This is looking out to the ocean from Golden Gate Park. We passed by a lady and her dog cheering us on from her patio. She was blasting music and rubbing her bald head. DKM said she was a Survivor. She was who were walking and hopping for.

We meet A LOT of interesting people on Day One. Mr. Chicken was keeping us motivated at Ocean Beach. He made sure there were carrots and water for me.  Mr. Chicken has been cheering walkers on for many many years.

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Day One – Lake Merced

One of the most beautiful rest stops on the first day of the SF Komen walk last October overlooked Lake Merced. We walked around Lake Merced and through Stern Grove on our way up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Day One – the kick-off

Day one of the event we started very early in the morning – 6:30am! They had a huge kick-off were we sang disco music, danced with over a thousand people and started to walk from the Cow Palace in Daly City on our way to up to the Presidio at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Bun on the run… well… on a walk

Hi Everybunny!

I figured it’s about time I start to blog about my adventures here at Chez DKM. Most of you know that I had the great privilege to hop in the San Francisco Komen 3day Breast Cancer Walk.  I had the best spot in the whole world to participate in the walk – at the top of DKM’s hydration pack!

Over the next few weeks I’ll share about my participation at the walk, visiting San Francisco and spending the holidays with DKM’s family.

Please let DKM know if you are interested in hosting me for a visit. Update: Audrey will soon be on her way to visit Pink, Elvis and Peaches!


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Monday Bunday

Sunshine whiskers