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Meezer Bun Rules

A basil-filled Meezer Bun is a happy Meezer Bun.

A happy basil filled Fiona Bun

So there better be BASIL!





Komen 5K

We haven’t been around much because DKM was getting ready for the Susan J. Komen Race for the Cure in San Francisco.

It’s always important to look your best when walking

It's always important to look your best at the Breast Walk

Made it to the end! Thanks for all of your support. I raised $425 for the boobies.


Easy Like Sun…

Must. Kill. Camera Strap.

Must. Kill. Camera Strap.

Saturday Sky

Fog on San Pablo Bay

Foodie Friday

Monsters! Must. Have.

Little White Toesies

Little white toesies

Meezer Bun Rule

It’s important to have a soft Bro when the Meezer Bun wants a snuggle.

Monday Bunday

I want this piece riiiiiiiight here

I want this piece riiiiiiiiight here!

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Come back later…

Yes, I still see you...