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Hop free little Hans

With sad heart we say good-bye to our little friend Hans.


Beyond the door
There’s peace I’m sure.
And I know there’ll be no more…
Tears in heaven


15 responses

  1. We are sorry to hear about Hans

    22-July-2009 at 11:06 pm

  2. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs and purrs.

    22-July-2009 at 11:57 pm

  3. We stopped by Hans’ earlier and were sorry to read about him. Today was a sad day for several blogging pets.

    23-July-2009 at 12:17 am

  4. oh man thank you for this post (and the fact it feeds into facebook) I wouldn’t have heard otherwise, I’m so out of blogging right now. Hans was my favorite and it’s so sad. I’ve gone over to pay my respects and hopefully offer some comfort and encouragement.

    What a heartbreak.

    23-July-2009 at 12:44 am

  5. Such sad news today… it’s a mystery, and a terrible one.

    23-July-2009 at 1:23 am

  6. We will miss Hans, too, so much.

    23-July-2009 at 2:51 am

  7. Our hearts just ache for them. Life is such hell sometimes.*Sigh*

    23-July-2009 at 11:31 am

  8. so so sad, we’ll all miss Hans

    23-July-2009 at 1:59 pm

  9. We are very sorry. blessings to little Hans and his family.

    Milo, Alfie, and Author

    23-July-2009 at 2:15 pm

  10. Wasn’t Hans special??? Nice poem …

    24-July-2009 at 3:29 am

  11. I posted my comment on the previous post by mistake, but just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you, and I’m very sorry for your loss. *HUGS* to you my friend.

    24-July-2009 at 12:45 pm

  12. Goodbye little Hans, you are missed!

    25-July-2009 at 5:29 pm

  13. Meowm just found this gorgeous bun at a rescue here in Salt Lake and thought of you! here is the link:


    27-July-2009 at 7:48 pm

  14. It’s tough losing a loved one, hop free little guy, hop free.
    ps: email me about exchanging links with my site, I’m adding quality rabbit blogs and would love to add yours too!

    28-July-2009 at 7:27 pm

  15. He looked furry cuddly – we’re sure he’ll be missed – purrrrs.

    29-July-2009 at 3:38 am

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