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Furry Butts Fursday!

In honor of our little pal Hans, who just went to the Bridge, and his family – we are happy to show off our furry butts!

Fiona’s furry butt at full alert

The End

And in a more traditional furry butt shot

Chillin' & waiting for Lady Lagomorph

Orlando doing his best furry butt


And a little bum for the ladies

Bun Bum

Hey – we even got the cat.. um Sophia… to flash a little furry butt

got a spot to clean

And some niece and nephew butt

Walking down to the beach

” There are more Furry Butts Fursday posts can you find where they are?”


Hop free little Hans

With sad heart we say good-bye to our little friend Hans.


Beyond the door
There’s peace I’m sure.
And I know there’ll be no more…
Tears in heaven

Cheeky Buns Tuesday

Touch this touch screen!

Touch this touch screen

Bento 7/14

Pumpkin lentil soup, oyster mushrooms with water chestnuts in sherry vinaigrette, lettuce, nectarine and cantaloupe.

Bento 7/14

Bento 7/13

White bean soup, heirloom tomato & lemon cucumber salad, fruit and pre & post work out noms.

Bento 7/13

Monday PiggieDay?

DKM said these things were too squee worthy to not share.  I bet Scooby’s mom will squee the loudest.

But, of course, I think I’m more squee worthy!

Easy Like Sunday

Market Day

Green Garbanzo Beans

Picture 029


Picture 032

Last of the cherries

Picture 042

Bunny P0rn

Picture 033

Sophia 1 – Feather Tickle 0

Going in for the final kill

Oh Mrs. Dove…

Please feel free to stop in for lunch…  bring the kids…

Watching the doves

Throwback Thursday

A vintage toesies snap from 2005.  Special for Victor

Yep, still out


Meezer Bun Rules

If the meezer bun wants to dig through all of the mixed greens to get to the radicchio, she can. Please, feel free to document with the phone camera. It’s not like I’m going to stop doing it…

The results of Fiona digging for Radicchio...

Must. Kill. Clean Sheets.


Happy Toesday All!