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Sick Little Bunny Girl

My little bunny girl is very sick – so please keep her in your thoughts.

Yes, I hear you and your camera

Update– We have a poop!  Fiona stopped eating on Thursday, which for a bun is deadly as they can die in 24 hours if they stop eating.  Yesterday we went to the vet.  She was lethargic and her temp was down to 98 (normal bun temp is 102-103).  She had some Sub Q fluids, a shot of an anti-inflammatory and some antibiotics.  She ate a tiny bit of hay and spent most of the day sleeping on my desk.  We’d hoped that the pain meds would help her get out of shock and without pain we could ‘jump start’ her system (bun moms and RGs understand this one).  I put her in a cage next to Orlando, who is freaking out because he wants to be with her, and he spent the night grooming her through the bars.  This morning her temp is up to 99 – so I still have a space heater focused on her and she ate a couple of pieces of parsley.  So please keep all fingers and paws crossed that she will continue to improve over the next couple of days.

Thanks for your comments and kind thoughts.