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Hoppy Holidays Everyone

We wish you good naps, fun times with family and peace.

Much Love,
Sophia, Fiona Bun, Orlando & DKM

I'm dreaming of a sweet tuxie boy...

Our holiday picture

We’ll be back after the holidays on Jan. 4th – we’re up with Grammy and Popi.


54 responses

  1. Merry Christmas and happy holiday from us here in Malaysia…!

    24-December-2008 at 3:26 am

  2. Merry, happy Christmas to you all! :)
    from the topcatrules girls, Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)

    24-December-2008 at 3:29 am

  3. Happy Holidays and safe travels!

    24-December-2008 at 4:04 am

  4. Merry Christmas to you! I hope your holidays are wonderful!

    24-December-2008 at 4:12 am

  5. Merry Christmas to you and the critters! They look so sweet. I hope they were good travelers for you!

    24-December-2008 at 4:49 am

  6. Very best wishes to you all too!!
    haves an extra lovely visit!!! :) And travel safe! :)


    24-December-2008 at 6:14 am

  7. Thank you for a whole year of wonderful furry photos – we have so enjoyed them. We hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas season and we wish you Peace and Joy for the coming year.

    love from Author, Milo =^..^= and ALfie =^..^=

    24-December-2008 at 7:04 am

  8. furrybutts

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Enjoy the holidays!!

    24-December-2008 at 7:16 am

  9. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    24-December-2008 at 9:48 am

  10. Happy Holidays!! We never get tired of that ADORABLE bun picture. Have a restful happy holiday.

    24-December-2008 at 12:55 pm

  11. Happy Christmas to buns and all. We are off to take a nap.

    24-December-2008 at 12:56 pm

  12. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful visit with the fam

    24-December-2008 at 2:38 pm

  13. Merry Meowy Christmas to kitties, buns, humans… one and all. With a warm hearted thank you for a years worth of wonderful photos, recipes, squiggles for many, Secret Paws and much, much more… y’all are heaven sent. Thank You!

    24-December-2008 at 2:46 pm

  14. Happy Holidays to you, too!
    Have a wonderful time on your trip.

    24-December-2008 at 2:51 pm

  15. Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Thanks for all your hard work with Secret Paws. Enjoy your holidays!

    24-December-2008 at 3:46 pm

  16. Happy holidays to you all!

    24-December-2008 at 3:56 pm

  17. Have a happy holidays wif yer grammi and popi!

    24-December-2008 at 4:37 pm

  18. A fine basket of Christmas joy (and a pillowful too)…Happy holidays!

    24-December-2008 at 4:39 pm

  19. Merry Christmas to all!
    Have a safe and happy Holiday!!

    24-December-2008 at 4:46 pm

  20. fivecats

    Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year to all.

    Stay warm, stay well.

    24-December-2008 at 5:22 pm

  21. Merry Christmas to you all! It has been fun reading your blog this year, we look forward to another year of incredible pics and funny stories about Orlando, Fiona and Sophia :)

    24-December-2008 at 5:32 pm

  22. anne marie in philly

    awwwwww, fluffies in a basket!

    happy happy to all from my house to yours!

    24-December-2008 at 6:55 pm

  23. And a very Hoppy Holiday to all of you!

    24-December-2008 at 7:02 pm

  24. Hoppy Holidays to you to!

    24-December-2008 at 8:56 pm

  25. We hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. Sophia looks so comfy and cozy and you buns look so cute in the basket. Thank you for all the hard work you have done with Secret Paws.

    24-December-2008 at 9:10 pm

  26. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

    24-December-2008 at 11:06 pm

  27. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Criz & the J Family Kitties

    24-December-2008 at 11:58 pm

  28. Meowy Chrissymouse Sophia and Lando and Fi and DKM and Grammy and Poppi!
    Gree and the rest of the Hotties

    25-December-2008 at 12:04 am

  29. Merry Christmas to you all!! Have a wonderful trip. We’ll miss you!

    25-December-2008 at 2:02 am

  30. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

    25-December-2008 at 4:07 am

  31. Bogdan

    Merry Christmas!!!

    (P.S. Morning Scratch DID publish on Christmas Day!)

    25-December-2008 at 5:50 am

  32. Merry Christmas Sophia. I wanted to make sure you received your package from me.

    25-December-2008 at 1:05 pm

  33. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

    25-December-2008 at 1:44 pm

  34. Merry Christmas!!!!!

    25-December-2008 at 4:15 pm

  35. Merry Christmas to you all! We hope you pass a wonderfurr and paceful Christmas day.

    … and… with a lot of gifts! Muahahaha!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and hugs.

    25-December-2008 at 5:57 pm

  36. Merry Christmas to you all.

    25-December-2008 at 11:26 pm

  37. We hope you and your family have an awesome Christmas!

    Lucky, Roxy, PlusOne, Dad & Mom

    25-December-2008 at 11:39 pm

  38. Merry Christmas! Hope you have lots of hoppy hollydays!

    26-December-2008 at 12:24 am

  39. Lux

    We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas!


    26-December-2008 at 1:42 am

  40. Merry ChristMAUS!
    DMM & the Feline Americans

    26-December-2008 at 3:24 am

  41. plcpc

    A very blessed Christmas to you and your pet humans!

    Skittles, The Huntress

    26-December-2008 at 3:38 am

  42. Happy Holidays to you Sophia, Fiona and Orlando, and of course to DKM. You look very cute in those photos. We hope that you have a great time with Grammi and Poppi and the rest of your family over the holidays,


    Gypsy & Tasha

    26-December-2008 at 3:45 am

  43. Happy Holidays! Hope you’re having fun with your family!

    26-December-2008 at 10:05 pm

  44. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!!!
    We hope it was pawsome and fun :)

    Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

    26-December-2008 at 10:42 pm

  45. Hoppy Christmas, Sophia! Hoppy Christmas, Fiona and ‘Lando! Your pictures are beautiful!

    27-December-2008 at 1:13 am

  46. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    27-December-2008 at 3:50 am

  47. We hope yur Christmas wuz bery Merry.

    27-December-2008 at 1:38 pm

  48. We just want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We also wish you the very best for 2009!

    1-January-2009 at 3:45 pm

  49. Happy New Year to you Sophia, Fi, Lando and of course, DKM. All the bestest in 2009.

    1-January-2009 at 11:50 pm

  50. Happy New Year and all the Nest for 2009!

    2-January-2009 at 12:19 am

  51. Happy Noo Yeers yall :)

    2-January-2009 at 2:20 am

  52. Great photo of the buns! Happy New Year!

    2-January-2009 at 3:59 am

  53. Dear Sophia, Fiona, Orlando and DKM we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a very Prosperous 2009!! Your pictures are so cute!!
    Your FL furiends,

    2-January-2009 at 6:16 pm

  54. Happy new year. Success.

    30-December-2009 at 6:31 am

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