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Snuggles Raffle!

We are raffling off three new snuggles.  Raffles tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.  Use the appropriate donation button to enter that specific snuggle’s raffle.  Raffle ends midnight on July 5th.  Winners will be announced July 6th.  The raffle funds will be used to pay off the last bit of Sophia’s vet bill and all other funds will be used to buy more snuggle yarn.

DKM makes around 100 snuggles a year for shelters.  Each snuggle costs approx. $5 for the yarn and $4 for shipping.  If your shelter needs some help – please let DKM know.  We also donate squiggles.

Zebra Snuggle

zebra black

Snuggles for Sophia

Strawberries n’ Cream

rose  cream

Snuggles for Sophia


Current Linus Project

Snuggles for Sophia 


Can I just say…


Easy Like Sunday Morning…

…for me anyway. Thanks again everyone, you’ve overwhelmed us with your generosity. DKM said I’m ‘perkier.’  I do have to say, I really love eating Bambi venison.  It has the added plus of making DKM squeamish every time she dishes it up for me.  Sweet revenge I tell you.

Looking sultry

We will be posting three snuggle raffles tomorrow for the last little bit of vet bills and any extra goes to the yarn fund. 


Snuggles for Sophia

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We are auctioning some snuggles to cover vet bills for Sophia –

Sophia needs to get some blood work done, so we were are auctioning off some snuggles to cover the costs.

One is called Berry Cobbler and comes in these colors, Gabby – $35

One is called Cherry Pie with these colors, Ruis – $35

One is called Spumoni in these colors, Bogdon– $30

One is called Espresso in this color, Luna – $40

One is called Millie in these colors, Mog – $35

and one is called Latte in this color. Latte – $25

Auction ends Saturday at midnight. Please leave bids in the comments of this post.

Here are some samples of a completed snuggles. They are 100% acrylic and machine washable.


Feeling Better

DKM... Leave me alone!

I AM trying to rest DKM…

I’m feeling ok.  My blood work came back normal so as of now my vet thinks it is either the mite allergy that won’t go away or a food allergy.  So for the next couple of months DKM has to monitor my weight and my itching.  Thanks everyone for your support and for bidding on the Snuggles for Sophia. 

I’ll be back to my snarky self shortly.

I. Am. Not. Happy.

I am not happy!

Sophia Rules Wednesday!
Here is my rule. No one, NO ONE takes my blood again.  Those vampires took the blood out of my NECK!  My NECK!  Can you say OUCH really really loudly.

DKM – Here’s what’s going on.  Sophia has dropped a pound in a month.  She has been scratching her ears and face so much most of the fur on her ears is gone.  So right now the Vet thinks it is one of three things.

  1. Thyroid issues (we should see the results from the blood work today)
  2. She has ingested a mite and having a bad allergic reaction.  We’ve got her on Revolution to see if it will help before resorting to antihistamines.
  3. She has developed a food allergy to something in her beloved Turkey Wellness.  She already has food allergy issues with seafood.  Skeezix will be happy to know she is now eating bambi venison. 

Must. Kill. Squiggle.


Must. Kill. Squiggle.

Monday Funday… oh and bunnies!

Now with added bunnies…

Open it DKM

Open it DKM



More Monday Bunday at


We are ok.  It is about 10 miles from us on the otherside of the freeway.  So, it would have to jump a large inerstate and go though Vallejo to reach us – thanks for your concerns and emails.  The worst part for us is the smoke in the sky. 

Easy Like a Cool Sunday Morning!

Finally… it is cool again.  Thank you Mr. Fog for returning to where you belong.

I smell Spring!

We are very behind on reading blogs and commenting – we hope to get our slave DKM moving on this shortly.

We are practicing…

…economy of movement

 Taking a snooze

At least it’s supposed to drop to 90 today – a normal summer day in Benicia is 78…