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Movie Meme the final week

So here we are at the end – W-Z. Thanks everyone for playing with me – Try not to google.

1. Play it cool boy, real cool West Side Story ~Zippy’s Mum

2. My name is Paikea Apirana, and I come from a long line of chiefs. Whale Rider ~Zippy’s Mum

3. You *are* in that chair! Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ~Auntie Deb

4. Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ~Zippy’s Mum

5. One thing puzzles me. Why are you always at such pains to prevent people knowing the truth about you, Sir Robert? The Winslow Boy ~Auntie Deb DKM says – Jeremy… swoon!

6. 4:30. Time for milking Witness ~Carrie

7. Hello. I’m the mother of the notorious Crossroads Killer. When my son comes home after one of his famous crimes, his clothes are just filthy. Clue: Spanish Flick

8. If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn’t love you as much as I do in a single day. Wuthering Heights ~Zippy’s Mum

9. Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea. Clue: Mexican Flick

10. Ooh, I’m really scared. No! Don’t! There’s a- a peck here with an acorn pointed at me! Willow ~Jessica, Keeper of the Kale

11. Damn you. Damn you. Damn you! Damn you! Clue: Tyrone Power’s last film

12. ‘UTTIN’ ON THE ‘IIIIITZ. Young Frankenstein ~KC

13. I… I Need to know who he is. I… I need to stand there, I need to look him in the eye and I need to know that it’s him. Clue: Filmed in SF