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My 13 Favourite Nap Spots

1. On my snuggle in the sun

Snoozing in the sun

2. On someone else’s snuggle before we send it out


3. In the skylight sunspot

Sun spots

4. On the bed in the Guest Room

Grumpy on daisies

5. In my basket

Holding the toes while snoozing

6. On my condo

Special Snuggle

7. On DKM’s afghan that her grammy made her when she was a little girl

Sophia Nap

8. On the fridge while DKM is cooking

Come here camera string

9. In front of the fire


10. On what ever DKM is doing with Grammy and Popi

Puzzles are exhausting!

11. On warm laundry

I'm helping Mom with the laundry

12. In the window sunspot

Ahhh, sunshine

13. In my condo

A Diva and her condo