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Flower Friday

The lupin begins to bloom



Hoppy Birthday My Little Brown Puffball!

Baby picture

Fiona's Baby Picture

At one, with her cilantro

As recommended, we’re trying the cilantro…

Getting her nightly nose rub in

Ooooo yeah

My sweet little girl!

I smell 'nanas on you

Meezer Bun Rules

When a Meezer Bun doesn’t want her picture taken… you get her foofy bun bum!


Naughty Tuesday

Cat P0rn

Cat P0rn

Bun P0rn

Bun P0rn

Millie’s Mum P0rnand Bun P0rn

Bun P0rn

DKM P0rn

DKM P0rn

Hop away free Charlie

Our bun pal charlie just went to the bridge

Monday Bunday

Dreaming of carrots and parsley

Dreaming of carrots and parsley

More Monday Bunday at

DKM is finally on Knit Project #3!

Knit project #3 - basketweave

Easy Like Sunday…

Since DKM wouldn’t leave me alone and let me sleep, I decided to play with her.  Let’s get out your squiggle DKM.

Behold, the squiggle

Must. Kill. Squiggle.

Must. Kill. Squiggle.

For you in the snow… Here are some signs that spring is on it’s way! The Plum Tree is blooming

Plum tree blooming

Wild flowers are blooming

Wild flowers in bloom

Mustard blowing in the breeze


Frustrating Friday


DKM Leave me alone!  Seriously… Do I have to whap you to get some sleep???

Hey… DKM!

Sophia in her window

I smell spring!

I smell Spring!

Meezer Bun Rule

Lando is chillaxing with Fiona

It’s important to do some chillaxing with your bro.