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Monday Bunday

Lando got back…

Done with my rubs - Off to torment the cat!

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
Bun Spotted

YOUR GANGSTER NAME: (favorite toy-filler + favorite cookie)
Basil Alfalfa

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color + favorite animal species)
Chocolate Rex

YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name)
Bun Or

SUPERHERO NAME: (“The” + 2nd favorite color + favorite drink)
The Orange Juice

NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Celestino Guillermo

STRIPPER NAME: (your favorite scent + favorite treat)
Banana Banana

WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names)
Cecil Renee

SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday + favorite flower)
Halloween Lavendar

CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit + article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Banana Snugglie

HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast + your favorite plant)
Kale Sage

YOUR ROCK STAR TOUR NAME: (“The” + Your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + “Tour”)
The Baseboard Chewing Sun Tour

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18 responses

  1. Oh how we love bunny buns! Yoor bumper is furry cute Lando.

    21-October-2007 at 8:45 pm

  2. You have very cute Bun Buns!

    22-October-2007 at 2:48 am

  3. Baseboard Chewing Sun Tour – LOL.

    22-October-2007 at 6:05 am

  4. Pixie wants to go watch Banana Banana perform. OK?

    22-October-2007 at 6:52 am

  5. Lando–it’s good to see you–are you still going by Lando ever? Or do I need to choose a new name?

    22-October-2007 at 7:12 am

  6. and it’s a great shot lando :-)

    22-October-2007 at 8:58 am

  7. Is it manly to say I like the bun bum?

    22-October-2007 at 9:20 am

  8. Lando, Your backside is just as cute as your frontside!!!

    22-October-2007 at 9:27 am

  9. Those were great,hahahahaha!
    Good thing yer tail is down or you would be mooning us,heehee

    22-October-2007 at 10:57 am

  10. We love your rock star name!

    Roxy & Lucky

    22-October-2007 at 2:31 pm

  11. I wasn’t sure right away what part of that bunny I was lookin’ at!

    Cute butt!

    22-October-2007 at 6:47 pm

  12. we like yer rockstar touring name bestest ‘Lando ~

    22-October-2007 at 11:04 pm

  13. oooh what a wonderful tag!!! I can’t wait. I like your cartoon name.

    23-October-2007 at 11:12 am

  14. I love the new header! Very eye catching.

    23-October-2007 at 1:22 pm

  15. dying @ basil alfalfa

    23-October-2007 at 2:39 pm

  16. This was great! I liked your names. I particularly loved the stripper name!

    23-October-2007 at 3:55 pm

  17. Yes, it really is. We do have a very good life. Food, shelter, love, and a boy to cuddle with. I don’t think you can do much better than that.

    Lucky & Roxy

    23-October-2007 at 6:33 pm

  18. Where are you going Lando? Your names are great. Say hi to my black tuxie twin for me!

    24-October-2007 at 5:27 am

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