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On Today’s SFGate

Here’s my favorite recent story in which tepid mealy execs of giant unholy megacorporations do silly insulting things in the name of gluttony and excess and profiteering and yet which they claim are actually done in the name of all that is positive and helpful and good even as they make the world far, far worse and darker and less healthy and yet they still somehow manage to sleep at night without being eaten by giant karmic mealworms or struck dead by lightning, as you think they should be.

Here’s the story: In search of the elusive semi-practicing Catholic/obese junk-food addict demographic, Kentucky Fried Chicken apparently sent an official, personal letter to the Vatican, asking Pope Benedict XVI to bless the company’s upcoming, happily toxic Fish Snacker sandwich so Catholics could eat it in good grace on Fridays during Lent.

You read that right. In other words, KFC wants the Fish Snacker to be officially sanctioned for those days when Catholics don’t eat meat but when they apparently have zero problem shoving a nasty frozen deep-fried chemical-blasted hunk of cholesterol and salt and fat and binding agents and mystery gunk made by one of the skankiest junk-food purveyors in America into their bloodstreams. You know, just the way Jesus intended…  More


One response

  1. KFC are getting desperate….

    21-March-2007 at 4:17 pm

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