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DKM’s January Top Ten 10

Starting the new year with only one resolution; however, I’m going to list 10 things I’d like to have completed by the end of each month.

New Year’s resolution: Live simply

The January Top Ten 10

    1. Clean out the refrigerator & freezer
    2. Clean out the pantry
    3. Walk 50 miles
    4. Cook at least one new recipe a week from the pile of cookbooks
    5. Take pile to charity shop
    6. Crochet the Winter Paws blankets for Best Friends
    7. Take a day trip
    8. Eat at least one dark green veggie a day
    9. Organize the stash
    10. Cook something adventurous

Cheysuli’s Resolutions

Resolutions for Chey in 2007 – This was easy…

  1. Eat more lobster
  2. Eat more lobster
  3. Eat more lobster

Do I even need to say why??