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Archive for 4-December-2006

Bodega B-Day

The amazing view from the house

Bodega Bay - View from the house

Much craftiness happened with Emi

Emi Crafting

Many puzzles were done – Ben and Erin doing a jungle puzzle

Ben & Erin doing puzzles

A mean game of Wiffle Ball on the hill

Mean game of Wiffle Ball

Taking a stroll down to the beach

Walking down to the beach

Stopping to smell the flowers

Stop to smell the flowers

Found a sand crab

Sand crab

Mom & Emi went rock hunting

Mom & Emi rock hunting

Running from the waves

running from waves

Someone had our sand crab for brunch

Dinner was had...

Birthday dinner – What more could a Vegetarian want… crab, oysters and Tri-Tip

B-Day Dinner

Dad opening his Birthday BBQ’d oysters (Yuck!  Dad’s B-Day is on the 9th)

Dad opening his BBQ'd B-Day oysters

Birthday Cheesecake with berries!

The cake

Sunday morning game of Apples to Apples (best game ever)

Morning game of Apples to Apples

Jessi playing Kitty-Cat

Jessie playing kitty

Kite flying on the hill

Kite flying

Ben! You crashed the dragon…

Yipes - Ben crashed it!

and now I must rest from the best Birthday an Auntie could ask for…