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Happy Halloween and Tuxie Tummy Tuesday!

DK – Last year for Halloween we had monster cheese sandwiches
DKM – Muenster
DK – Whatever, this year we’re having in honor of Halloween…What are we having?
DKM – Welsh Rabbit
DK – We’re having Welsh Rabbit… Rabbit?
DKM – It’s a traditional English dish…
DK – RABBIT – you killed one of the fluffies?
DKM – No honey, Welsh rab…
DK – What kind of sick vegetarian are you woman!!!!
DKM – Honey, it’s…
DK – I can still hear his sweet little thumps *faints*
Lando – What’s she on about then?
Fi – Goodness knows, I think she’s pretending to faint from starvation again.
Lando – Something DKM is doing smells good
Fi – She’s making cheese on toast

Tuxie Tummy Tuesday!

Sophia is feeling much better today as evident in…

The Diva vs. The Feather Tickle


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