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Kremit the Frog Blanket Done!

One special request Kremit the Frog colored blanket for young boy in a cancer ward for the Linus Project.

 Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend – Sophia was at the vet on Friday AM with a bladder infection.  We’ve spent the weekend taking it easy, getting fluids, and she is now on glucosamine.  She is feeling much better this morning.  We’re trying to figue out what’s going on with the comments.  WP is fixing the code.  Blogger went down a couple of times while we were transfering over information and they think that may be the issue.  You can still leave comments!  We do see them!

From Toby:

The Amazing Survival Story of Phoenix

In 2005, Phoenix endured second and third degree burns when he was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire by a teenager. With the heroic efforts of SaveABunny/Marin House Rabbit Society and public donations, Phoenix is a resilient survivor. This movie was created as tribute to both Phoenix and Marcy Schaaf for their strength and unconditional compassion.

Click to see the movie Toby’s Mom made – It’s lovely!

You are an inspiration Toby’s Mom!