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Archive for December, 2009

A bunnel of hay…

…makes the Meezer Bun happy.

A Rose for the Bun

Helping DKM cook

New foot warmer

Sophia helps with wrapping

Meezer Bun Bro Rule

Dudes. when the Meezer Bun rejects rose petals – the bro scores big time!


‘Not only did you put me in jail – but I also have to stare at the cat?! ~Lando Bun

‘Tis the season…

…for Christmas Converse & candy cane socks.

Black slug

Saturday Sky

Little white toes

Joy. Again.

This is our other new cousin. His name is Argus. He licks a lot.


So – we have new cousins. This is Aspen. DKM says she’s just the cutest. I say she is just a dog. Buns are just the cutest! ~Lando Bun


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